About Us

"Define your dreams, Live your Vision" Is not just a motto for us... it's the lifestyle we define ourselves by.


Here at Vision Clothing Company we are a new, growing company based out of Southern California. The idea came to me ironically, like a vision. One day I was working out and taking a second to look around; I realized that I didn't see the balance of performance/fitness clothing and casual style. So, I have set out to create that vision.


Our clothing lines are growing as is our following. As our company grows we are developing better and better products to provide that fine balance of performance and casual wear. We design our clothes to be comfortable, lightweight, and versatile. Usable anywhere from killing the weights in the gym, cruising around town, or a fun night out.


"Define your dreams, Live your Vision". The lifestyle we, as visionaries, define ourselves by. Simply put, it means define your goals and aspirations, then go after them until they become real. We hold ourselves to a higher standard here; to push beyond average and to excel in life. As a company we vow to provide the absolute best customer experience and customer service we can to all of our customers to ensure that your journey chasing your dreams is as happy and stylish as you desire. What's your Vision? Are you going after it, or just letting time slip away? We challenge you to join the Visionary Family, and excel.


We would love to hear about your experience with us here at Vision Clothing Company. Feel free to drop us an email, letter, or private message. All of our contact information and social media links are listed at the bottom of the page. :)

Thank you for stopping by and shopping with us!


Dustin Paterson
Vision Clothing Company